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Hot university of alabama girls

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So today I decided to rectify the injustice and do a whole list of good-looking Bama fans.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, why not take a look? Sports Lists.

Telling Your Girlfriend You Love Her

If you're not a big SEC football fan and you're wondering what's up with the hats and skirts, here's the deal: The Twins Just two universiyt Alabama fans, handing. Actually, in fairness, I have no proof that these girls are Alabama fans.

I just believe whatever I read on the internet, as should you. Tailgatin' This Bama fan is very attractive, but I don't know about that hat. I guess she borrowed it from her dad or.

The Golf Hat Isn't that cute? These sorority sisters have matching sunglasses.

Hot university of alabama girls

sex in phoenix It's like they always say, "Great minds think alike. More Tailgatin' I guess if you're ever in Tuscaloosa on gameday, you might want to check out a tailgate party. They seem to be populated with good-looking Alabama fans. Go figure. Even More Tailgatin' Alabma proof that you hot university of alabama girls drink beer and still have toned abs.

Welp. We're done for sorority recruitment videos now. Alpha Phi at the University of Alabama has officially dropped the hottest one on the. The University of Alabama has apologized to America because one of . video is popular is because the girls are really hot and they featured a. Yeah the "New Row" houses like Alpha Phi, ZTA and Pi Phi tend to have the " prettier" "more trendy" girls. With that being said, these houses are.

Swimmin' 'N Drinkin' Finally, some attractive Crimson Tide fans posing for a picture qlabama other than a tailgate party PS, nice boots. Actually, this hot university of alabama girls is probably an Auburn fan, and this is just her idea of a scary costume. Halloween You gotta love the way SEC girls dress up for the game.

Yot course, they probably still pass out drunk later that night everyone else, but. Big Julio Jones Fan The girl on the right obviously poses for a lot of photographs.

She should teach her posing skills to her friend so they can both hot university of alabama girls goofy. Pregaming Obviously the one on the left didn't get the memo re: And is it just me, or does the girl in the middle look like she might already be a little overserved?

Three Blondes What do they call these type of jean shorts in Univerity

Hot university of alabama girls Want Hookers

I mean, they can't call them Daisy Dukes, because the fictional character from whom we get that name was from a TV show The Dukes of Hazzard set in Georgia. Co-Ed Cheerleaders for pro football teams aren't necessarily fans. Alabmaa just dancers hot university of alabama girls to "make it" who get paid to do their thing.

But college football cheerleaders are fans—they go to the school they cheer for, and they do it for free. So yeah, Alabama cheerleaders count as hot Alabama fans. Cheerleaders are fans, too I figured you'd probably like to see a few more photos of Alabama cheerleaders.

So, here you go. You're welcome. More Cheerleaders Pickup line spoken by every dude at this tailgate party: This example is obviously way better than a hat.

Houndstooth Skirt Sometimes I wish I had gone to a school like Alabama instead of a school in a cold climate with no football and a third rate basketball program.

Just Another Cute Blonde Hey, you should be a model.

Oh, you are. The Model Bama Fan Do they actually make underwear like this? Grils so, that seems kind hot university of alabama girls odd—simply because Alabama is an institution of higher learning, and it's weird to think academic programs might be funded in part through the sale of sexy underwear.

Superfan If you look carefully, you'll notice this is the same girl wearing the same shirt from the middle of the photograph in And she's in the next one, too Nice Shirt Only this time, no shirt. Obviously, she's a huge fan.

Hot university of alabama girls

Nice Hat Well, you see I think Yeah, no comment. Baby It's Cold Outside Yep, that's right.

Well get this: Come on, AJ, seriously? Am I right? Roll Tide!

Hot university of alabama girls basketball

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